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New offers: our custom made repair sets

Our individual repair kits contain o-rings and other seals in sizes and configurations, which are preferred by the customers. Each product is characterized by suitable physico-mechanical properties. The products are made of conventional and / or special rubber compound such as, f.ex.: HNBR, fluoroelastomers, silicone or PTFE and PTFE composite materials.

We offer custom repair kits as our response to the market demand. These kits are adapted by us according to customer needs, with different types of packaging (closets, box), where any size can find its specific place - whether in a drawer or in the subject makes this easier and faster to find the required seal.

Our custom repair kits find an excellent application, eg in emergency situations, in traffic monitoring and as a repair service equipment.

If you are interested in our custom made repair kits, please contact us to arrange the kind of packaging, the amount of species of selected products and the quantities in each of the species adopted and the minimum order value. (See the attached photo) Of course, there is the possibility to buy the repair kits for our proposals.

We invite you to buy our products!

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REVO SEALS expanded own growing range of products with the products on FVMQ base (Flouro silicone rubber).


Flouro silicone rubber has with respect to the silicone rubber MVQ a very good chemical resistance, better physico-mechanical properties, an increased tensile strength, a low compression set, a better resistance to fuels, fuel oils and lubricants.

FVMQ shows good resistance to::

  • mineral and synthetic oils and lubricants,
  • fuel and solvents,
  • ozone, weathering and UV radiation.


FVMQ is characterized by a low abrasion resistance (but considerably better than silicone rubber, MVQ).

But he shows no resistance to:

  • brake fluids
  • ketones


The temperature range for the use of this mixture is from -55 ° C to + 200 ° C.

Standard color: black.

Hardness: 60 ÷ 80 ° Shore.

We cordially invite you to put your queries to our sales team.